banGeocodeR is an experimental R Shiny App allowing the geocoding of addresses in La Réunion, France. It uses the Base Adresse Nationale (BAN) the offical French address database. It provides two main features:

CSV file geocoding:
  • geocode a CSV formatted file containing addresses (< 8 Mo)
  • highlight possible errors and correct them
  • display the results on an interactive map
  • export the geocoded table
Live geocoding:
  • geocode addresses one by one
  • add them to a table
  • export the geocoded table


banGeocodeR was realized by UMR ESPACE-DEV (IRD, Univ. Guyane, Univ. Montpellier, Univ. Réunion) within the ESoR research group (Environment, Societies and Health Risks). It was initially developed for the needs of the FOSFORE research project coordinated by the Cancer Registry of La Réunion (Emmanuel Chirpaz) at La Réunion Hospital (CHU Réunion)

  • Design and developement : Jérémy Commins, French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD) - UMR Espace-Dev.
  • Design : Vincent Herbreteau, French National Research Institute for Sustainable Developmen (IRD) - UMR Espace-Dev.

Data sources:
Source code: banGeocodeR on Github